CD Duplication


Music for the masses.

Hard copy promo discs & CD’s have long been one of the most effective ways to get your music to the masses, and long may that continue. Sure things are different now with the age on the WWW, but people still love physical copies of their favourite artist / DJ’s music on CD.

How Does It Work?

Step 1:


First you get your music together, decide what music you want on your new promo CD and then send it in to the GingerLocus team.

Step 2:


Second, you decide what order you would like your new tracks to appear on the CD. Our team will then arrange the tracks in accordance to your selection.

Step 3


Next, you decide what artwork you would like to appear on your new CD. We have a number of options available, from full colour CD’s, to a much cheaper, basic black and white selection. You can even have your own artwork made instead and send it the team.

Step 4:


Jobs a gooden! Now its time to distribute your new promo discs, EP etc.. to the masses. Ginger Locus will ship your new media anywhere in the UK, via recorded delivery within 3 working days. Most cases you will receive your package next day after posting & packing.

Pricing Structure


simple cd

Plain & Simple

Black & White
printed discs in PvC wallets
  • x50 = £25
  • x100 = £45
  • x200 = £90
  • x500 = £190
  • x1000 = £370

Push The Boat Out

Full Colour
printed discs in PvC wallets
  • x50 = £40
  • x100 = £70
  • x200 = £130
  • x500 = £350
  • x1000 = £600

Go All Out

See other options below:
  • Jewel Cases (x1 or x2 Discs)
  • CD/DVD Packs (1 – 8 Discs)
  • Clam Shell Plastic Cases
  • Cardboard Wallet
  • CD Spindle

Amazing!! Better than expected.

Super happy with our custom branding photo's & video from the Ginger Locus team. Perfectly encapsulated our ideas into reality.

Elizabeth Stewart

Took my business to the next level

Helped me understand the murky world of marketing my website. Turns out its not that murky after all as Paris and the team helped me understand how it works and some cool tips to keep me ahead of the game.

Jordan Stark